Wednesday, 4 June 2014

New kid on the block

No, the title is not referring to the overly wank 90's boy band New Kids on the Block, but to an artist who I expect to be MASSIVE in 2014, none other than Saint Raymond. Saint Raymond AKA Callum Burrows is a singer-songwriter from Nottingham, UK that can be described as a poppy crossbreed between You Me At Six, Vampire Weekend, and Ed Sheeran. Interesting, yet incredibly catchy.

The 19 year old has so far been supported by well known Radio 1 DJs such as Zane Lowe and Huw Stephens, and is also supporting Ed Sheeran on his 2014 UK and European tour.

However, the brilliance of Saint Raymond not only lies within his music, but also the songwriting behind it. Somehow, the musical genius that is Callum Burrows is actually able to write a pop-y, upbeat, 'banger', if you will, that is about personal struggles and heartbreak. Not only are his songs catchy, but also relatable.

I'm expecting biiiiiiig things from this kid.

- D x


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