Sunday, 21 September 2014

Resurrection of Rock

After an amazing summer and finally ridding myself of self diagnosed 'writer's block', I am now back in the loop of all things musical. It's taken a while considering my ears have been raped and abused by awful remixes of club classics over the entire summer. (How many times can a person hear 'It's My Birthday' by Will.I.Am before going insane?! I think I'm nearing the limit.) However, I'll take my overexposure to the UK Top 40 as a blessing in disguise as it was the only thing that lead me back to good music again.

Late night Spotify and Soundcloud searches have lead me to the likes of DarliaWolf AliceThe Orwells, Drenge and Marmozets who all have one very important trait in common; their vintage grunge sound. A sound that has not been exceedingly popular since the 90's, is now making a reappearance, and a bloody good one too. Rock's resurrection may have something to do with Royal Blood's new found fame. The riff-heavy rock duo from Brighton debuted their first album on 25th August, selling nearly 66,000 copies in the first week, making it the fastest selling rock album since Noel Gallagher's solo album album 3 years ago. The duo's self-titled album added versatility to the usual tedious UK Official Album Chart, giving budding rock artists hope for the future.

If Royal Blood's album is anything to go by for the upcoming year, rock fans should be in for a treat.

You can and listen and download Royal Blood's new album here.

- D


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