Tuesday, 28 October 2014

JAWS // Be Slowly - Review

   Not to be confused with the 1970's Spielberg blockbuster, upcoming Brum boys JAWS are blowing our eardrums with a fusion of dreamy and indie-pop sounds.

The boys debuted their first album titled Be Slowly earlier last month, after great success with their previous EP Milkshake. The album shows consistent development of the B-Ham* quartet, returning with a new-and-improved sound.

The album's pace is set with the opening track 'Time', which features undeniable Nirvana inspired riffs and lyrics. From this point on you won't want to remove your headphones, as 'Time' goes on and is immediately followed by delightfully catchy 'Cameron'. Named after lead singer Connor Schofield's first demo, the track includes synths, cowbells, and also keeps to the album's consistent nostalgic feel - what more could you want from a song? A personal favourite of mine, 'Cameron''s lyrics 'Follow your heart, follow your soul, / Every step you take is a story you wrote' capture the band's journey from bedroom production in Brum to playing in venues all over the country.

The album also features singles 'Swim', 'Be Slowly', 'Think Too Much, Feel Too Little', and 'Gold', which were all released prior to Be Slowly's release mid-September. Although some may say the album can be deemed as disappointing as many songs were brought out as singles beforehand, I believe the Brum boys were extremely clever releasing material in a build up to Be Slowly. The singles not only familiarised current and new fans with JAWS' style, but also enthused them to look forward to the much anticipated album. Aaaaaaand it worked, Be Slowly has been incredibly successful since release.

Despite clear influence from eighties and nineties band such as The Cure and Nirvana, I believe that these boys do have their own established style that is very much visible in all their work.

But hey-ho, this is just my opinion of the album. Have a listen and see for yourself here.

And if you do like JAWS, come catch them at The Horn in Saint Albans on 12th November for a couple squids! I will most definitely be there.


- D

*Although the band fall into the indie music scene of 'B-Town' alongside Swim Deep and Peace, I refuse to ever use the phrase as we all know Birmingham is a city, and not a town. But maybe that's just me being pedantic.

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