Saturday, 8 November 2014

Introducing // Indie

If you, like myself, are someone with a constant craving for new music, then you've come to the right place. The monotonous droning of The UK Top 40 is enough to drive anyone to the depths of Soundcloud in attempt to find emerging bands and artists, and my aim here is to help these artists gain the recognition they deserve.

The first band I believe to be highly successful in the near future are Bristol band Coasts. I was first introduced to Coasts when their track Oceans was played on an episode of Channel 4 reality show, Made in Chelsea. (Tragic, I know- but it's a personal guilty pleasure of mine. We all have guilty pleasures, don't we?) With their oozing melody and euphoria, if you're a fan of artists such as Saint Raymond and/or The 1975, then you should love these guys.

From: Bristol, England
Genre: Indie pop
For fans of: Saint Raymond, The 1975, Catfish and the Bottlemen.

The Griswolds
Similar to Coasts are Aussie indie-rock quartet, The Griswolds. Recently signed to Wind-up Records, The Griswolds have supported bands such as Django Django, Last Dinosaurs, and San Cisco, and their track 16 Years also features on the Fifa 15 soundtrack. An ultimately summery sound, The Griswolds will bring waves of nostalgia upon listening, making you wish you were back at your favourite festival, cider in hand.

From: Sydney, Australia
Genre: Indie rock
For fans of: Vampire Weekend, Coasts, San Cisco

Fake Laugh
If there's anything I love more than finding great artists, it's finding great artists who are just beginning to 'blossom'- if you will. Fake Laugh are a London-based indie rock band who deserve WAY more than just 186 followers on Soundcloud. With a timeless sound, I had to double-check with my dad that Fake Laugh weren't just and old band from the 80's that I had just stumbled upon. The only noted influence from their Facebook page was The Beatles, but I am getting some srs The Smiths vibez.

From: London, England
Genre: Dreamy indie-pop
For fans of: Mac Demarco, Darwin Deez, The Drums

Little Comets
Another band who I believe deserve recognition are Little Comets. I've followed the band since their EP Jennifer and Other Short Stories in early 2012 and watched them grow since then, however I feel that the growth of their success has been minimal. Yes, they've had sell out gigs all over the UK and supported the likes of The Twang and The Noisettes, but I feel that given their uniqueness and talent, they have had nowhere near enough praise as they should have by now. These guys are one to watch!

From: Tyne and Wear, England
Genre: Indie
For fans of: Mystery Jets, The Wombats, Vampire Weekend

Superfood have come a long way from when I first discovered them earlier this year, and you can tell just by searching them on Google. When I first tried earlier in May, I was bombarded with links for 'diet secrets', 'health benefits', and lists of supposed food that would make one 'healthy'. Trying to find these Brummie boys was like trying to pick a couple needles from a haystack, but I got there eventually. Superfood provide us with the legendary B-Town sound that we know and love, and they also have a female bassist. Could they get anymore fucking awesome?

From: Birmingham, England
Genre: Indie
For fans of: Peace, The Tribes, Childhood

Hope this is useful!

- D

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