Saturday, 15 November 2014

Trying My Hand at Fashion Blogging! (Finally)

I know some of you may be wondering why I've started fashion blogging when I initially created this blog as a music blog. My dream would be to write for music magazines such as NME or Kerrang however, I've always had an avid interest in fashion and recently, fashion blogging has appealed to me more and more. My clothes are my pride and joy, and ultimately my self-worth, so a happy wardrobe = a happy dani. I haven't decided to start fashion blogging to 'show off', but instead to show that fashion isn't just about what you see on the mannequin.

Dress: Motel Rocks, Top, New Look (ages ago, (I'm a clothes hoarder)). Necklace: Moondance Shop, Hat: H&M (similar here), Jacket: Vintage, Shoes: Hidden Fashion, Socks: Amazon (similar here)

By blogging, I intend to show that for everything you see in the shops, there is always a cheaper, sometimes nicer, alternative. For example, those shoes? Yeah, they cost me a fiver. And the socks? I managed to get three pairs for £1 from China. Just call me queen bargain hunter! Once you stop worrying about labels you begin to find hundreds of good finds for a fraction of the price shops and some online clothing brands sell their items for.

As I am currently in the midst of my A-Levels I don't know how frequent these fashion posts will be, but I intend to carry on blogging, both music and fashion. For those of you (if any) that enjoy reading my music blogs or just general rants, don't worry I also still intend to carry those on!

Now listening to - Gorgon City- Imagination 


  1. Your outfit is pretty cool. My favourite items would be the hat and the shoes. The shirt i would pair with black skinny jeans or tights, but that's just me. Overall you have a decent sense of fashion.

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