Thursday, 11 June 2015

Get #FestivalReady With Motel

Every year, festival season undoubtedly manages to sneak up on all of us without warning, sending millions of festival goers into a frenzy just a matter of days before their chosen festival. However, Team Motel were aware of this problem, and did all in their power to ensure that their very lucky invitees received 5-star treatment to prepare them for festival season, with the help of some of this season's hottest brands by their side. 

Myself and many other lovely ladies were lucky enough to have been invited to Motel's #FestivalReady event that took place in their London showroom last Wednesday, and boy, did the Motel team make sure that we were festival ready! With the help of Funkin' Cocktails, The Henna Den, Seekers of the Sun, The Braid Bar, Fudge Urban, Saint Tropez, and Tallulah Minxy, we received some amazing treatments that are essential for any festival, while also browsing Motel's new styles that are yet to come. (Which are LUSH by the way - you lot are in for a treat!) Photos below xx

I had such a lovely time and met some of my favourite blogger mega-babes, here's to many more blogger parties in the future!

- D x


  1. Love this!

  2. Bring on the festival!

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